Creating a VR ARPG Sandbox

So why am I creating No Future? My primary motivation is my VR ARPG sandbox called Pixel. No Future is simply a fun choice of something that will help drive the creation of that framework. My hope is to eventually develop several VR games using it.

So what’s Pixel?

Pixel is essentially a codebase for a VR ARPG sandbox inside Unity with built in level editing and generation in VR.

The world is created using a 3d tile system allowing varied terrain and a seamless underground.

Each new game will generate pseudo random content so a playthrough is unique. Places will have different layouts of areas and those areas will have random characters and items. Areas are like puzzles so they can be learned but will be unique each time.

It will incorporate a full character body and physics based interaction with the world. Including a vast array of items to interact with like tools, weapons, equipment etc.

There will also be an extensive vehicle system and a wide array of vehicles that are functional and require repair and maintenance.

It will also be possible to construct things – construction will be the same for in game and for creating content for generation. There will be simple construction like welding things together and complex construction with systems for fences, walls, towers, buildings, etc. Everything will be destructible.

Combat will be primarily ranged but also melee with different systems for shooting, swinging, and throwing. Physics in combat will be important.

It will have a faction system with friends/enemies so it is possible to team up with NPCs. There will be areas that have randomly generated staged conflicts.

It will be a foundation for telling stories that wind through the randomly generated content.

And much more…

So what’s next?

Probably updates on different systems as I am working on them. Currently I am just trying to stand up the core of the framework. Stay tuned!

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