Amulet Of Shadows

Amulet Of Shadows started out with the idea of making an ARPG that had elements of text adventures in it.  It is now on hold, but I plan to return to it at some point in the future.  Check out the various blog entries on the development of the game. They provide some insight into design decisions and effort that goes into making a game like this.




  “You are Alyssia Therendor, the last of an ancient caste of warrior magi called the Drayh. You were trained as a child to be a protector of the people and are bound by a mystic covenant to serve the common good. You have spent hundreds of years serving the city of Ilehan and the kingdom of Arthos, however, even to this day, you are still feared and despised for what you are and the awesome power you wield.

The Shadow Walkers have finally reached Arthos and the City of Ilehan has been overrun. You and the task you have been given are the last hope against them. Alone, you must travel a dangerous road north to the wilds of Erimere, there you must find the cursed Valley of the Dead, and uncover the mysteries of the ancient ruined city of Aergoth. Your destination is a place of darkness and sorrow, where no one will venture, and everything will seek out your life. This is your final task, given in secret to you, by the last surviving members of the Guardian Council.

Your only companion is your revenant Tre, a spirit bound to you as a child, to control your innate power. He only exists within your thoughts, but he is your guardian, mentor, and friend. Your survival depends on wit, instincts, and his ability to focus and wield the power flowing through you. You must not fail.”



05 - overlook
06 - skeletons
07 - ruins
08 - dungeon
09 - bandit camp







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