I am Michael Schenck, I live in Boston, and this is my Unity and XR development blog.  I will be posting about XR happenings and whatever I am currently working on – hopefully providing some useful tips on Unity and XR along the way.

XR is short for VR, AR, or MR and any other Rs that come along.  Check out the XRA’s XR PRIMER to understand the fundamentals of developing for this medium.

For my day job I craft XR apps with Unity on the Wayfair Next R&D team.  I am usually working on some side projects and just generally having XR fun in my spare time.

I started Pixelated Ramblings back in the DK1 days and have been pretty much focused on XR ever since.  I was also playing with Unity quite a bit before that going back to when it was first ported to Windows in the 3.x era.

I was one of the first few members of Boston Virtual Reality when it was only a handful of VR nerds and I would also frequently attend Boston Unity Group – you can often catch me at either of these meetups.  I am also on Twitter and LinkedIn.

I primarily do programming and work with Unity and C#.  I have experience with the Oculus Rift, HTC Vive, Google Cardboard/Daydream/ARCore, Magic Leap One, and Microsoft HoloLens. 

I have been the lead on two projects that have been published, one on the Oculus store and one on Magic Leap World.  I also built Lost Loot which is one of my projects and started out at as an entry to the 2013 Oculus IndieCade VR Jam.

 I am also a proud XR Dad to my 8 year old son who will grow up with all this amazing tech! 

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