Lost Loot – Development


Lost Loot started as an entry for the 2013 Oculus IndieCade VR Jam and I have continued to work on it in my spare time since then.  My overall objective is to create a casual adventure game of exploration, treasure hunting, and survival designed exclusively for VR.  I plan to have a simple storyline with some light combat elements and puzzle solving that compliments the exploration and treasure hunting.



This version updates the game to work with the commercial Rift.  There have been some other minor adjustments of scale and movement, but no content changes.

  • The scales used now match those used in the alpha (focused around 1/6th real world scale).
  • Movement speed including sprint speed and sprint time have all been increased.
  • The XBOX One controller is now supported.
  • Quit added to the main menu.



This version brings major changes to the way the game is delivered.  The game has shifted from a full scale first person view to a 1/10th scale third person view.  This was a way to make the game more immersive and comfortable which is a high priority.  There will be an option to play either way in the future so a full scale first person mode will likely return in the alpha.  There are no content changes except more treasure near the hut and dock to speed up reaching the first snorkel level which better allows exploration of the shipwreck nearby.

  • Switch to a miniature world third person perspective which is more immersive and comfortable
  • A camera system for third person that shifts position and scale for interior spaces (see how this behaves in the hut)
  • A gaze tracking system that makes the avatar follow the player gaze which is important when the head lamp becomes available later in the game
  • A message system that works in relation to the avatar and items in third person
  • The parachute entry was removed because of issues with it not looking good in third person (this may or may not return depending on story in the alpha)
  • The pre-alpha 1 build will remain for a while for anyone wanting to compare the two approaches



This version includes many improvements over the original VR Jam game that are outlined below.  The content in the game is still the same however, so if you played the VR jam one there is nothing new in terms of locations or treasure right now.

  • The game state is properly saved so the locations and treasure are not reset every session
  • There is a plane there when parachuting and you only parachute when you first arrive
  • In game help that automatically guides you on the controls
  • Complete rework of the controls layout to better match established standards
  • Significant performance improvements overall
  • Improved water colors and surface calculation that mostly prevents seeing under the water mesh
  • Floating objects that ride the waves and have buoyancy
  • Underwater floating particles, bubbles, surface splash, and volumetric lighting
  • Shark attacks can produce bleeding wounds that can lead to shark frenzies
  • The avatar movement and turning has been adjusted to make it smoother
  • The avatar makes footstep sounds now and causes splashes when walking in the water
  • The avatar will assist in surfacing above the water and dropping underwater based on head look and it is possible to swim along the surface or just below the surface smoothly

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