No Future

Since it is now 2021 and I haven’t been doing any posts for a while I started feeling like I am neglecting the blog and wanted to introduce my new hobby project No Future.

I have been pretty busy the last few months with a variety of work projects – some Unity/XR related and some not but a really nice mix of things and all in the realm of real-time 3D. I guess that I am officially a freelancer these days and so thankful to be involved in some really neat projects and to have such great clients that I really like working with!

There hasn’t been a lot of time to devote to hobby projects lately but I have made some progress on a new concept I am really passionate about. This new project is an extreme VR open world post-apocalyptic sandbox survival shooter for the Oculus Quest that is dubbed No Future.

Yes I know what you are thinking – another one of those! Maybe I have just been enjoying Half-Life: ALYX too much and wishing it were a bit like this really cool game concept called ZOMBOX and that it runs on the Quest and you can local co-op with your friends.

This idea started when I began playing around with the Synty Studios Simple Apocalypse art pack in VR and realized I love the low poly flat color uv art and that yes I could probably make this stuff myself.

I had also been experimenting with GPU instancing and this art style can really take advantage of it especially with repeating environment elements.

So here are a few early screenshots of No Future’s tile based open world environment running on Quest…

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