PAX EAST is is only a week away!  I am happily participating this year and hopefully in many future years.  I will be going to the Friday sessions and the “Made in MA” pre-Pax party.  I will be giving a helping hand to Part12 Studios there – which is a local studio that does some great causal gaming apps for iOS and Android.  I will also be participating in the Made in MA @ Pax East and I will be going to the MassDiGi Game Challenge following Pax.  If you are interested in meeting up at any of these events to discuss AOS feel free to contact me via email through my profile.  I always love to chat about games and game development.

Being in Boston has its advantages.  We have numerous studios here, both large AAA studios and smaller Indie studios.  We also have a vast array of casual small developers like myself and tons of talent coming out of all the schools here.  Boston is the center of a vibrant community of gamers and game developers alike who participate in numerous gatherings that will appeal to anyone.  I go to Boston Indies and the Boston Unity Group meetings.  However there are many more and most activities can be found on the Boston Post Mortem calendar.

There are not only a lot of gaming companies here, but also a lot of activity within the local government of Massachusetts to make the state into a leading hub of game development.  Just read all the news at MassDigi and you get a feel for the activity and excitement in the games industry here.  There is a definite effort underway to make Boston and Massachusetts a leader in the gaming industry.

Lets hope it keeps moving in that direction – exciting times are ahead!


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