Lost Loot – Instructions


Once the game is started the menu is shown. Face forward and reset the view if needed. Then adjust the gameplay options and select PLAY to start. Everything is automatically saved between sessions so you can just quit the game at any time. Select RESET to erase the current progress and start a new game.

The controls are shown via in game help so you can start playing immediately and figure out the controls as you go. The controls being used can be selected in the main menu and this will drive in game help that tells you what to use as you go. There is no need to try and memorize the controls before you start.


controls_gamepad_2 controls_keyboardandmouse_2
XBOX Controller Keyboard and Mouse


All other controls are via the keyboard:

  • Use Escape to exit the game.
  • Use F1 and F2 to decrease and increase quality. This is useful for adjusting it in game if it is too slow.
  • Use F3 to toggle the HUD which shows quality and frames per second.
  • Use F4 to toggle music on/off
  • Use M to toggle mirroring

WARNING: Any VR game is more intense than a traditional game and care must be taken when playing. Please review all of the health and safety guidelines that come with the Rift and stop playing if you are feeling uncomfortable. As always, you are playing at your own risk!



Equipment upgrades are automatic based on score and anything that must reload or recharge such as tanks, the light, etc. do so automatically when in proximity to the hut, the dock near the hut, and the little boat. Scuba diving with air tanks is automatically performed over freediving with the snorkel when you have them. When not under water you can switch between snorkeling and scuba diving. If you run out of air while scuba diving and manage to reach the surface (if you don’t die) you automatically freedive until you refill the tanks.The boat is used when you activate a ruin/shipwreck icon on the map in the hut. You are transported to that location and you can then go back to the hut by going near the boat and activating it.


15 seconds of air, which is the time you can be under water before surfacing
5 meter dive depth, which is the maximum depth you can dive down to



Level 1 (1000) – Allows free diving, increasing air time to 30 seconds and dive depth to 10 meters
Level 2 (4000) – Increases air time to 1 minute and dive depth to 15 meters for free diving
Level 3 (7000) – Increases air time to 2 minutes and dive depth to 20 meters for free diving


Level 1 (2000) – Allows facemask, improving visibility
Level 2 (5000) – Improves visibility by another 10%
Level 3 (8000) – Improves visibility by another 10%


Level 1 (3000) – Allows flippers, improving swim speed
Level 2 (6000) – Improves swim speed by another 10%
Level 3 (9000) – Improves swim speed by another 10%


Level 1 (10000) – Allows scuba diving with an initial air time of 4 minutes and dive depth of 30 meters
Level 2 (16000) – Increases air time to 8 minutes and dive depth to 60 meters for scuba diving
Level 3 (22000) – Increases air time to 12 minutes and dive depth to 90 meters for scuba diving

Dive Computer

Level 1 (12000) – Allows dive computer with depth gauge
Level 2 (18000) – Adds air time remaining for tanks
Level 3 (24000) – Adds battery percentage for light


Level 1 (14000) – Allows light with an initial time of 2 minutes
Level 2 (20000) – Increases light time to 4 minutes
Level 3 (26000) – Increases light time to 6 minutes



  • Press B (controller) or C (keyboard) to reset the view if needed (this should be done at the menu and can also be done at any time during the game).
  • If you fall down and get stuck, resetting the view can sometime get you unstuck or you can just press Start (controller) or ENTER (keyboard) to go back to the menu.
  • The places to explore and find are on the side of the island where the hut is located. The other half of the island is currently barren.
  • Make sure to pick up artifact loot because there is a chance each one will reveal a location of some ruin or shipwreck. The location is revealed on the hut map which you can then use to travel to it with the boat. You will have a difficult time finding them all just searching.
  • The amount of air you have and the depth you can go is limited when you start. Find locations and recover treasure and you will soon receive upgrades that allow you to get to harder to reach places.
  • The view underwater is blurry at first but as you get facemask upgrades you can see better.
  • Some places require jumping up rocks to get to treasure, just hit the jump button repeatedly while trying to go forward.
  • There are whales in the deeper water in several places so keep an eye out for them. They are enjoyable to watch!
  • A magical item that allows flying is hidden and appears in one of six locations randomly 😉

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