My name is Michael Schenck and this is my Unity and XR development blog. I will be posting about XR happenings and whatever I am currently working on – hopefully providing some useful tips along the way.

I started Pixelated Ramblings back in the Oculus DK1 days and have been pretty much focused on XR ever since. I was one of the first few members of Boston Virtual Reality when it was only a handful of VR nerds. I also frequently attend Boston Unity Group and have been working with Unity going all the way back to when it was first ported to Windows in the 3.x era.

I have a degree in Computer Engineering from the Rochester Institute of Technology and I have many years of experience with Unity and leading XR platforms and devices – SteamVR, Oculus (Quest and Rift), Magic Leap, HoloLens, Google Daydream/Cardboard/ARCore etc. I also have plenty of experience doing performance optimization with Unity including on standalone devices like Oculus Quest and Magic Leap One.

I am always looking for freelance Unity development opportunities. I am reliable, detail oriented, and passionate about what I work on. Check out my LinkedIn profile to see more about my skill set, past projects, and published experiences.

If you need help with a Unity project feel free to contact me via mike@pixelatedramblings.com or reach out through LinkedIn, Twitter, or Facebook.

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